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Engineer of Record (EOR)

EnCon Design provides EOR design services to clients in order to take the engineering design process from conceptual design to production. Offering a full range of diverse services from preliminary design to completion streamlines the design process, and provides value to a project with simplicity and obtainable results. Our team will deliver quality products based on specialty precast knowledge and conceptual design, and will demonstrate outstanding performance in assembling the structures.

Precast specialty engineering comprises the bulk of the structural engineering work. EnCon Design streamlines the process by assuming full responsibility for structural engineering and design for the structural components. The benefits of this process include cost and time reduction, a simpler organization of the design team and process including interdisciplinary coordination, improved communication flow, project efficiency, and better delineation of responsibilities for structural design and coordination.

Our EOR team will deliver quality products based on extensive knowledge and experience with the precast market. Our team provides clients with geographical and product diversification, cutting-edge design techniques, value engineering, and multiple-trade coordination. EOR services provide specific product knowledge of structural engineering, structural and architectural design considerations, types and functions of precast panels and structural components, and integrated engineering functions. With over 22 years of structural design experience and technical excellence, our EOR process is intended to create value for your project.
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